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“A man sooner or later discovers that he is the master-gardener of his soul, the director of his life.”

James Allen




thrill bursts with emotions

car explosion


highly stylized and haunting


art meets temptation

With years of flying solo as commercial directors we finally joined forces to double our impact on the film industry to work as a directors duo. We can hardly tell if it was our passion for a nice explosion every once in a while or our enthusiasm for film in common that got us synced the very first moment we met. But it’s both that got us addicted to movies and moviemaking. So we are happy to present our portfolio. As happiness is only real when shared we are happy to share and create some remarkable moments with you in the future.


Christopher Schlierf

Christopher Schlierf lives for big scope cinematic pictures. He is driven by his passion for thrilling and emotional storytelling and loves to shoot dynamic action sequences on locations all over the world.  Before he started hitting the commercial business he has sharpened his skills as an independent filmmaker for dialog driven movies and music clips. He won dozens of prices for his films.

After graduation in film and animation 2009 he was awarded a scholarship in Hollywood and worked at Constantin Film and Warner Bros. Till now he worked on about a hundred movie-productions worldwide and is bringing in all his experience in creative development, scriptwriting, working with actors, technical knowledge, editing, VFX and music composing into every project he works on.


Benjamin Kratzin

Benjamin Kratzin quickly emerged as a talented director and visual effects supervisor for emotional action driven pictures. Because of his VFX background he is known for big cinematic shots that are filmed with innovative creative technologies, which lead to astonishing looking pictures. The mixture between his passionate and very aggressive visual style is his trademark. He has worked successfully on commercials for brands like Audi, Fujitsu, BMW, Philips and a few short feature films. “Thinking big, believe in what you do and never forget where you came from” Are things he says, you should never forget to be successful.

Back in the days he started as a photographer and photo composer and soon began to use the known techniques on moving footage. His stunt and free running background went hand in hand on film sets like “Wilde Kerle 5” and a lot of commercials. After that he worked for more than four years in a script-to-finish commercial company. Born in Munich, Benjamin Kratzin is now operating around the world, booked for international commercials and films.