The night is just as dark before the dawn. As we lit the night with huge 18KW HMI lamps and burning cars it wasn’t too dark. But it was a hard ride to shoot this cinematic commercial for BMW for their Dark Knight Rises campaign during two very long nights. But we had our fun shooting riots in the streets, masked men on the roofs, Gotham City’s skyline in the background and a dark rider on a black motorcycle who is burning the logo of Batman on the ground with his wheels till it ignite into flames.
Below you can watch the fantastic behind the scenes photos of our good friend and colleague director Marc Schemmer. Don’t miss to check his work on: and

Also thanks to stuntman Stefan Sommer.

Christian Pfeiffer, world champion stunt bike driver. Check him out here.

Our friend and colleague director Christoph Lacmanski. Don’t miss to check out his great films on:

Ben shooting molotow cocktails.

Those parkour artists scared the shit out of us. Check out Matthias Mayers work on youtube.

The hole.

Fire in the hole.