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Read our Ant-Man Blog to watch the process of how the “Yellowjacket” sequence was build up from scratch. Have a look at the storyboard frames that convinced Marvel and watch the spectacular concept arts that were deveoloped with the talented artists from Trixter.


Together with the VFX house Trixter we had the pleasure to create a sequence in MARVEL’s new blockbuster „ANT-MAN“. We consulted Trixter during the pitch phase and creative development. After winning the pitch we were hired to direct the sequence and lead the look development as well as animation. The task was to create an animated sequence that establishes Cross Technologie’s ultimate weapon system: the “Yellowjacket” in a graphical way.

We wanna thank Martin Herzberg and Fanzisca Puppe from Trixter Berlin for tracking and holding everything together, Rene Grasser our VFX Producer for taking care of everything and pushing every creative decision, Simone Kraus from Trixer L.A. and especially Peyton Reed the Director and Kevin Feige Marvel’s Producer for letting us feel heartly welcomed and be part of their fantastic movie.