The post house Trixter who is known for their brilliant work on Iron Man 3 and Avengers 2 had the chance work on Ant-Man. After proofing their creative expertise with a look development film (watch below), they were one of the selected companies, who got the chance to pitch a sequence for Ant-Man in which the company Cross Tech presents their ultimate weapon of the future: The Yellowjacket, who becomes the villain of the movie.

Trixter asked us to consult them during the pitch phase and help them in the creative process. To pitch the idea to Marvel in a very precise way, we decided to create a very specific storyboard and animate the frames in an animatic. The Munich based sound studio Orangesound helped us layering the animatic with powerful sound effects, epic music and a dramatic voice over. It was a great experience to present the idea to Marvel producer Kevin Feige and director Peyton Reed. Watch the created sequence and the animatic here.

These are the impressive storyboard frames.

When Trixtor got the GO for producing the sequence we started with concept arts to develop the look of the movie. The incredibly talented concept artist Paolo Giandoso who also drew the storyboard frames created amazing concept arts to bring our vision to life. In close cooperation with Marvel the look was more and more defined to meet their expectation. Here you can see different concepts for the look development.

Click through the gallery below to watch the different looks that were developed:

To define a specific color palette a color scheme was developed.

This project was such an outstanding experience. Working with such amazing artists at Trixtor who are so gifted on so many levels. These guys work on such a high level. We felt honored to be a part of this wonderful movie and lived the dream to work on a blockbuster like Ant-Man. We love the movie and its hilarious humor. Below you can find all the names in the official credits from the movie.